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You will cum at zero!

Lady Sue is giving you a cum countdown. Her rule: you can only cum at zero! Until then you can admire her sexy ass. She bends forward to give you a better look, driving you towards a lecherous climax. But you can't cum yet! Only Lady Sue decides how and when that will happen. You would love to cum right now, but you're an unlucky little wanker. Now is not the time! lady Sue drives you into lust-filled madness and you have to hold back hard. You will obey your Lady and only cum when the countdown hits zero. Can you do that, LOSER?!


Jana H
Jana's cuckold talk
Alegra sits down on your face and crushes it!
Loss of control part 1 - fear and lust determine YOUR life!
You won't get the key - your dick is too small!