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Sniff the cheesy nylon feet!

Princess Amber's been on the road all day long in these boots. Do you have any idea what this could mean for you? Her feet stink of sweat and YOU get to smell this wonderful scent. The stench of her cheesy nylon feet is drawing deep into your nose. You inhale the odour and are torn between disgust and horniness. You love the disgusting stench of her sweaty cheese feet and inhale this smell deeply, absorbing the hot stench within you. Princess Amber puts her stinky feet right in front of your nose. Smell the stinky feet of your Princess Amber for as long as she wants you to!


I'll put makeup on you!
YOU, dickless little prick, will be made an ass-worshipper!
Anna B.
Tasty nylon-facesitting POV
Vicky Carrera
Painful ballbusting with cum-countdown