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Last update: 2020-02-14
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These are your foot slave duties

Your only have a right to exist by being an obedient foot slave! Bratty Jenny-Nina wants YOU to lick her shoes clean because there is dirt all over them - on the sides, on the soles, everywhere! Come on, clean them with your tongue and reach the next level. Her feet take on a very special scent in these shoes which YOU now get to breathe in deeply. Your slave nose sucks the foot scent deep into your nose. You life just doesn't get any better, so do your pathetic foot slave tasks NOW!

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Humiliating blowjob training!

Queen Hanna now tests your blow job skills! She holds the heels of her boots in front of you and pushes them deep into your mouth. Suck like a little whore on her heels and prove how good you are at it! Do it the right way, otherwise you will get a slap! Queen Hanna has huge plans for you and will be sending you hooking soon, but until then you'll be doing this absolutely humiliating blowjob training!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

YOU suck on their toes!

Mistress Anfisa gives you a clue as to your next task by letting the high heel fall from her foot. Come very close and take her toes into your mouth. Now suck each and every one of her toes, exactly the way she wants it. Your only task is to completely satisfy Mistress Anfisa and the best way to do that is to spoil her feet appropriately! Better make a big effort to suck her toes clean, because your mistress is very demanding and her demands are to be fulfilled in the best possible way, BY YOU!

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