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Last update: 2022-07-28
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Smell her fragrant nylon feet!

Can you imagine how the smell in Lady Luciana's boots has grown? She is wearing nylon pantyhose and her feet have been stuck in those boots for hours. That must be disgusting, cheesy feet because her toes feel warm and damp. That's what you want to smell. Inhale the scent of her nylon feet and never forget this olfactory experience! Get ready, because Lady Luciana is about to take off her boots and let you smell her fragrant nylon feet!

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Anfisa & Nora

Rating: 10.00

Smell our intense sporty foot scent

Mistress Anfisa and I have been jogging and now we've come back to you. You can surely imagine what awaits you in our running shoes. But what we give your nose to smell now exceeds even your wildest imagination! Come on, put your nose deep into our sneakers and inhale the scent of our feet! Lady Nora or Mistress Anfisa? Whose feet have sweated more and smell much more intensely?You can sniff our socks too and find out who has a more distinct scent to their feet!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

Vacation souvenirs for YOU!

Princess Serena just returned from vacation where she bought these boots. She loves them so much, so she wore them for the entire vacation. I'm sure her feet are extremely smelly in them. She brought you something too - that smell of that vacation foot sweat! So get ready for the scent cloud that is about to flow through your nose. Breathe in extra deep and enjoy the awesome vacation scent! But that's not all Princess Serena has brought you from her vacation. Are you curious to find out what it is?!

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