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Last update: 2018-07-11
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Rating: 7.00

Olga takes away your manhood

You want to be a man?! No! For Mistress Olga you are a little sissy! With a lot of make-up she will clean you up and make your last bit of manhood disappear. Now you can show your best side as Olga's sissy!

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Rating: 10.00

Tiny penis!

Ridiculous! You can't do anything with such a small penis! Do you think you could satisfy a woman with a mini penis like that? Mistress Mercedes shows you with a ruler how small your tiny cock really is. You certainly won't get a hot woman like her off with it. She only makes fun of you for your ridiculous cock length!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

In jeans on your face

Looks like your face is missing a nice assprint. Go ahead and lie down so Lady Maurice can sit on your face. She is sitting hard on your face and her tight jeans leaves marks of seams on your face!

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