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Last update: 2019-03-01
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YOU, dickless little prick, will be made an ass-worshipper!

You are totally into looking at Mistress Vanny's ass. She has a horny ass that she moves in front of you, back and forth, side to side. She makes you horny and you start to jerk off. This doesn't go unnoticed for long and Mistress Vanny discovers your tiny cock. She has never seen anything so ridiculous! You should seek professional help and get this tiny dick enlarged! It's a miracle that you dare to get it out at all. Take another long look at Mistress Vanny's sexy ass... You will never be allowed to do more than look at it. You have a tiny little cock and are from now on her ass worshiper!

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Princess Jenny makes you a toilet slave

Off to the bathroom with you! What do you think Princess Jenny has in mind for you now? She's going to give you a tasjk and you're going to complete it! She wants you to drink from the toilet and then lick the toilet seat completely clean! From now on you are Princess Jenny's toilet slave! Princess Jenny enjoys seeing you in front of the toilet it's just the right place for you! For licking her toilet you may admire her perfect ass as a reward, but now you must lick the toilet. Tastes good, right?!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

Tiny penis!

Ridiculous! You can't do anything with such a small penis! Do you think you could satisfy a woman with a mini penis like that? Mistress Mercedes shows you with a ruler how small your tiny cock really is. You certainly won't get a hot woman like her off with it. She only makes fun of you for your ridiculous cock length!

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