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Last update: 2020-11-21
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Hard jerking off instruction

The preview gives you a little insight into this video, but you will get really horny at the sight of this Goddess in the full version. Goddess Yasemin is totally hot and knows exactly what she wants. So you want to see this horny clip in full length and jerk off your dick, right?! But what should you expect? One thing is clear - Goddess Yasemin is not in a giving mood and will drive you to the edge of madness!

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The day of your annual cock measurement has come!

It's that day again - the day of your annual cock-measuring. Mistress Zora has brought the smallest ruler she could find for this. A larger one is obviously unnecessary. So pants down and show your puny piece! Don't be cowardly - dare yourself! Mistress Zora measures your ridiculous little cock and finds out that you have the smallest slave cock she ever seen! But that's not all. She humiliates you and exposes you to her friends! She takes a picture of your loser cock and uploads the picture to her friends' chat group for their amusement. Could it get any worse for you.? Sure! Mistress Zora would like to show you how...

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

Nipple play with clothespins

Mistress Anfisa loves to play with her slaves and you're going to be next! She wants to find out how much you like mean nipple games. Are you ready for this? Then take off your shirt. Now your nipples are going to suffer. Mistress Anfisa pulls out some very tight clothespins and clamps them to your nipples. Does the pain make you horny? Can you stand it? Then there are more to come!

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