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Last update: 2023-09-23
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Fresh shoe sweat for YOU!

Princess Serena was out for a long time in these shoes. Take a look because the shoes reveal everything about what's inside them. Through the transparent shoes you can see Princess Serena's bare feet and how much they sweat in them because these shoes are absolutely airtight! There are enormous sweat deposits on the shoe walls and that makes you nervous, right?! Well wait until Princess Serena takes off her sweat soaked shoes and you lick her feet clean!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session

Cindy C. & Jane

Rating: 10.00

Double High Heel Footdom!

Princess Cindy and Mistress Jane punish you by making you pamper their stinky feet. An impressive smell has gathered in their high heels! Kiss their feet and slide your tongue between their toes. Then you take the Mistresses' heels deep into your mouth. It does not matter if it digsusts you but it turns out you like it more than expected! You can't hide this from the two of them... Mistress Jane and Princess Cindy expose you as a fetishist and have just the right thing for you!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session

Cindy C.

Rating: 10.00

Length comparison for your tiny dick

Do you dare to take part in this comparison? Princess Cindy measures the length of her heel, compares it with the length of your dick... and what do you notice? That's right, you notice how fucking ridiculously under-equipped you are! So embarrassing and so pathetic. You surely live a very hidden, restrained life with such a tiny dick?! Princess Cindy is almost at a loss for words! But how about the length comparison to her little finger? Will your tiny little willy do a little better this way?

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