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Last update: 2024-07-06
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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 0.00

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Nothing but humiliation for YOU!

The girlfriends have very important tasks for you! First you will lick their high heels and sandals clean with your tongue because Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane have been wearing them for a long time. They got dirty in the process and now you're going to change that! You also take the heels deep into your mouth. While you're making an effort, you're verbally abused and immediately given the next task, which again has to do with your friends' feet...

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 10.00

Princess Serena - Minidick - Your name says it all!

Princess Serena calls you by your name "Minidick"! There couldn't have been a better name for you! Princess Serena wants to see the proof of your name and makes you drop your pants in front of her eyes. She takes a look at your little cock and gives it a tough assessment. It looks like your dick is too small for you to jerk off properly, as big as your balls are! She insults and humiliates you and kicks your overfilled balls hard!

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session

Serena & Nora

Rating: 10.00

Sweaty shoe interiors (ft. Lady Nora)

It's hot in the airtight shoes of myself and Princess Serena! We don't know the exact temperatures, but our feet are sweating profusely in these transparent shoes. You can see how the sweat from our feet shows on the inside walls of the shoes. It is extremely wet inside and the smell will be indescribable for you if we let you smell it. But will we...?

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