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Caught in the chastity belt

Lady Sue is up to something mean with YOU. But before she tells you what it is all about, get your chastity belt and put it on! Your little dick shouldn't see your lady! She torments you and keeps you from jerking off! Today you will look at your lady without wanking because that's what she wants! You tiny thing is pathetic and superfluous to ladies because it's much too small to have any use. You can't fuck with it, for example. That would be impossible! So just sit there and admire Lady Sue, torturing your little dick locked away behind the chastity belt, haha! She drives you to despair with her sexy ass!


Eat her ashes, slave!
Cindy C.
Length comparison for your tiny dick
Sock sniffer - master this disgusting task!
Smell this fragrance, foot-sniffer!