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Prove your worth as a foot slave

You can stare at perfect feet any time, but Mistress Anfisa demands something completely different from you today. Your worth as a foot slave will now be put to the test and YOU have to prove yourself! She shows you how she wants you to massage her feet and you must remember every detail. Are you even able to do that when you see her feet in their perfection?! Whenever you get very close to her horny feet, your brain switches off and your extremely horny cock takes control of your life! Mistress Anfisa is testing your skills to the extreme today - but don't forget, if you fail, there are dozens of other slaves who want to prove themselves and serve her...!


Smell this fragrance, foot-sniffer!
Mistress Anfisa takes you into interrogation!
Stinky surprise for YOU!
Learn to suck heels!