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You are soo ugly!

Yuck! What the hell is this...!? Do you really dare to go out onto the street with such an ugly face!? Your ugly mug should better be barred forever! Bah! It's so unbelievable... I cannot find any words for it! Such an ugly face can be loved only be it's mother! And I'm sure even then it is no true love - it's just a form of compassion and pity! I am so fucking sure that you were always mobbed in the school in the past, weren't you...!? Everybody nagged at you and it continues even today! What do you think you look like...? Such an abnormal, disgusting face is surely an entry worth inside of the Guinness world record's book - for the most ugliest mug on the whole planet!


Anfisa sits at your ugly mug!
My ass is so hot and your dick is too tiny
Your tiny, useless dick
Emely & Saskia
Losers like YOU don't get sexy asses!