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Princess Jenny

Rating: 8.59

I'll sit down on your face - facesitting

Now I'll try out my new jeans. Let's see how it feels as I'm sitting on your face. Everything alright down there? You don't get any air anymore? Well, that's not my problem, I'll stay put right where I am, with my ass right on your face. Maybe I'll get up for a short time so you can tell me how my jeans smell and how it feels when I'm sitting on your face!


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2014-05-21 Jenny's jeans fit like a glove. Great camera work. She's a very sexy hot lady. Awesome!!!
Non-wanking instructions for YOU!
What do you look like? I'll make you up!
Sexy jeans ass on your face!
Vicky Carrera
Sexy make-up for Sissy