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Smell that intense foot odor, sock wanker!

You are always so happy when Mistress Anfisa comes back from the gym with her sweaty feet. But shw wasn't working out today. She decided to go on an extensive shopping trip instead and got her feet dripping wet with sweat! Look at the socks she's wearing in her shoes. They're so thick and keep her feet extremely warm, and they are completely drenched in sweat and have a delicious cheesy aroma! This makes your slave heart beat faster and your cock become harder! Put your nose in her shoe and smell this intense odor. Her sweaty feet stink so much that you could cum immediately with just this smell! But Mistress Anfisa is just beginning. Her treatment will challenge your slave nose much further before she makes you a sock wanker!


Your tiny, useless dick
Jamie-Kate puts you into a chastity belt!
Humiliating blowjob training!
Jana H
Jana H. - You're my cock-sucking whore!