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Rating: 8.90

Your dick is too small

The hot girls Demy and Kathi show you what you're missing - because your dick is too small. They're so horny they start making out with each other right in front of you. The only thing they're missing is a real man - but you can't do this job with such a small dick. That's why they prefer each other over you. You're just allowed to watch and imagine how hot it would be to touch their hot asses and have some fun with them. Taking part isn't allowed for you - forbidden for tiny dicks!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-12-25 Wish we could have more updates with two girls :D Awesome!!! Markjeans
2014-06-28 Looks like they are having fun making this video. Very Good waffel
Cock measurement - Mistress Anfisa tells you the truth!
Lick off the dirt and eat it!
You are Jenny's slave and she controls your breath!
You won't get the key - your dick is too small!