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Seat cushion for 2 girls

What a loser! While Demy and Cathy are laughing at you, your only function is to lie there for them to sit down on. You will be extremely humiliated and ridiculed while they are both sitting down on your face. First they are sitting on you with their tight jeans. They don't care that you nearly can't breathe anymore. They even begin kissing each other, taking their time, pressing down on your face! You want more? No problem! The two ladies are removing their jeans and then you can really smell their asses - while they are still laughing at you! That's what you deserve - to be a seat cushion for girls!!!


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2015-05-29 nice pov, Great! waffel
Vicky Carrera
Licking feet clean POV
Lick my sexy boots clean!
Jana H
To me, you're just a sissy
You are soo ugly!