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My stinky, sweaty socks

Puhh... I really wear my socks for quite a long time now! I'm sure you cannot expect the moment when I take off my shoes, can you...? I wore those socks the whole day and night! Even when I did my exhausting workout and when I was at this party, dancing a lot! Yes, I danced the whole night - and even when I went to bed I still wore them! Do you already can imagine the intense odor you will smell soon...? But don't worry, you don't need to wait any longer, I will take off my shoes now - and put my stinky, sweaty socks right towards your face. Come on and take a deep, long breath! But smelling my socks is not everything you will do - you will also smell the sweat right out off my shoes. I'm sure you will remember this special odor for eternity!


This is your purpose in life, bootlicker!
You won't become a lover with that small cock!
Massage the feet of your mistress!
Eat the banana slop!