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Rating: 8.56

Loser through chastity belt!

Mia never saw such a big loser like you before! She really asks herself what a wuss you are - and why you really wear a chastity belt, loser! Of course the answer is easy: You are a pathetic, useless, stupid, fat ass loser! But she still can't believe it and makes lot of fun of you! You are nothing more than a laughing stock for her! What a pity for you that she realizes that she owns the key - and therefore has the complete power of your life!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-12-25 I agree with Waffel. Amazing ass in tight jeans! Great! Markjeans
2014-12-06 Mia is beautiful. Love her tight jeans, top and boots. Sexy! Awesome!!! waffel
Lick my sexy boots clean!
Lick the tread of her shoes clean!
Show me your dick
Annabell J.
You'll never get Annabell