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Rating: 8.56

Loser through chastity belt!

Mia never saw such a big loser like you before! She really asks herself what a wuss you are - and why you really wear a chastity belt, loser! Of course the answer is easy: You are a pathetic, useless, stupid, fat ass loser! But she still can't believe it and makes lot of fun of you! You are nothing more than a laughing stock for her! What a pity for you that she realizes that she owns the key - and therefore has the complete power of your life!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-12-25 I agree with Waffel. Amazing ass in tight jeans! Great! Markjeans
2014-12-06 Mia is beautiful. Love her tight jeans, top and boots. Sexy! Awesome!!! waffel
Hanna & Jane
This is horror for your olfactory sense!
Spoil Felicita's feet!
Lisa L.
Lisa L bounces on your face
Mercedes changes you into a real woman!