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Merciless Russian Lisa L.

Rating: 6.36

Lisa L bounces on your face

Well there, slave, how is it going? I'm going to sit down on your face now - getting really comfy - for me at least! Did you already await me? Did you miss me? That's nice ... I didn't miss you at all - why would I miss such a loser? You're nothing - absolutely nothing - in my eyes! Come on, smell it. Do you like that? Yeah, I bet you do, piggy! Now you're getting something different as well ... smell my ass! Smells good, doesn't it?


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-27 Awesome!!! johnnyb
Smell her fragrant nylon feet!
Hanna & Jane
Small cock humiliation!
Hanna & Jane
You will be used as a shoe licking slave!
Hanna & Jane
Heel sucking and licking soles clean