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Rating: 8.75

Jamie-Kate puts you into a chastity belt!

I've got your key in my hand *haha* what am I going to do with it? Well, first off all I'm going to keep you locked up, that's for sure. The way you look - you simply deserve to be locked up! Would you like to get out of the chastity belt now? Well, that's really bad luck! Maybe I'll take the key with me - and then your girlfriend will come home - what would she say then?


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-12-25 I love this girl :) x Awesome!!! Markjeans
2014-09-26 I like her halter top and jeans. cute Very Good waffel
Annabell J.
You'll never get Annabell
Jessica sits down at your mug!
You have no chance to attract me, small penis loser!
Amber & Jenny
Lick Amber's and Jenny's toilet clean!