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Rating: 8.75

Jamie-Kate puts you into a chastity belt!

I've got your key in my hand *haha* what am I going to do with it? Well, first off all I'm going to keep you locked up, that's for sure. The way you look - you simply deserve to be locked up! Would you like to get out of the chastity belt now? Well, that's really bad luck! Maybe I'll take the key with me - and then your girlfriend will come home - what would she say then?


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-12-25 I love this girl :) x Awesome!!! Markjeans
2014-09-26 I like her halter top and jeans. cute Very Good waffel
Cindy C.
Patent boots - lick them clean
Goddess Yasemin orders you to STOP WANKING!
Sara Surprisink
Are you sustained enough?
Sniff my foot scent!