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Sexy Denise

Rating: 8.45

It's way too small for Denise

Well, little fucktard, look at yourself ... and then look at me! Good thing I brought my meter stick ... your dick is really small ... maybe 8cm when it's hard, but hardly 3cm when it's not. Really bad luck for you ... it should be 20cm, better 25cm, in my opinion. I don't need to take any smaller than that! Just look at it, 8cm isn't even half of that - even 2 of these wouldn't fit it ... and I'm not even talking diameter!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-03-11 I love Denise she is a pure 100% German beauty...her beautiful green eyes are captivating her smile amazing her body esp her ass pussy hips & thighs are absolutely perfect..I love her sweet voice also...Denise is pure perfection..I LOVE YOU DENISE!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! johnnyb
2014-08-05 sexy tight black leather jeans. Great! waffel
Sue S
At zero you have to cum
Jana H
To me, you're just a sissy
Vanessa M
Vanessa insults you!
Angelina M
POV facesitting in jeans