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Sexy Denise

Rating: 8.50

Denise takes a seat!

Well, bastard, I bet you like that, don't you? Can't breathe anymore? Well, I think I can do this even better ... so ... does that hurt? You better don't whine, I bet that's just your thing! And stop struggling so much - you can clearly endure this longer! But I don't care anyway, I'll just stay put!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-03-11 Denise is absolutely amazing looking beautiful green eyes sexy smile & face..her body is immaculate perfection..her ass pussy hips & thighs are perfection..a pure German beauty...she fills every pair of pants shorts or leather perfectly...I LOVE YOU DENISE...please keep her coming.... Awesome!!! johnnyb
Eat Jessica's used handkerchief!
Hard kicks right into your mug!
Lick my soles
Cindy C.
Patent boots - lick them clean