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Rating: 9.05

Anfisa sits at your ugly mug!

Right below Anfisa's jeans ass is your place - and you are not in charge anymore! She just walks over you and sits down at your ugly mug! She has lot of fun doing so and won't stop soon...!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-28 Love Anfisa she is absolutely amazingly beautiful perfect face body & amazing ass.. love the shot of her squatting over the camera amazing underview.... Awesome!!! johnnyb
2015-10-02 I LOVE how she sticks her ass out so sexy and tight!! Awesome!!! Markjeans
2015-06-25 Really love this angle and she's gorgeous Edward7
2015-06-20 really love the POV like this. Sexy jeans, Sexy Anfisa. Awesome!!! waffel
What do you look like? I'll make you up!
Your tiny dick should be sealed away!
Sara Surprisink
Mad breathing control punishment
Olga takes away your manhood