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Rating: 8.93

Amber's facesitting-cuckold slave

Amber applies some make-up because she has a date very soon. Of course with a real man and not a wuss like you! The only thing you are useful for is to be her seating cushion while applying the make-up! With her jeans ass she sits right at your ugly mug and tells you how hot this guy is - and that you are just a stupid cuckold loser!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-09 Awesome!!! johnnyb
2015-11-06 Beautiful POV, Sexy Amber, lover her jeans. Awesome!!! waffel
Smelling sweaty nylon feet and high heels
Sniff my foot scent!
I'll put makeup on you!
YOU, dickless little prick, will be made an ass-worshipper!