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Rating: 8.93

Amber's facesitting-cuckold slave

Amber applies some make-up because she has a date very soon. Of course with a real man and not a wuss like you! The only thing you are useful for is to be her seating cushion while applying the make-up! With her jeans ass she sits right at your ugly mug and tells you how hot this guy is - and that you are just a stupid cuckold loser!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-09 Awesome!!! johnnyb
2015-11-06 Beautiful POV, Sexy Amber, lover her jeans. Awesome!!! waffel
I'll sit down on your face - facesitting
Loss of control part 1 - fear and lust determine YOUR life!
Her sneakers have to be cleaned urgently!
Punishment task for a total failure