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Last update: 2016-11-10
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Rating: 7.00

Small penis - You are pathetic!

First you are telling me so much stories about your dick but then you just hide it...!? Not with me! I will take a yardstick and measure your tiny cock right now! So take off your pants and show me what you have! ... What the fuck!? This is even more ridiculous than I thought! With these 4 cm you will be never in the position to satisfy a woman! You are so pathetic!

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Rating: 9.60

Mia makes lot of fun of your tiny, small dick!

Did your parents knew right from your childbirth that you are a boy...? Or did it take some time to investigate this unusual case...? I'm sure it took it's time! With such a tiny dick it should be impossible to fuck a true woman!? Something similar pathetic like this is hard to find! But Mia likes to make fun of your tiny wiener again and again and won't waste any time and tells you the whole story one more time... *g*

The most favourite Dominant-Girls.com Session


Rating: 9.57

Amber's facesitting-cuckold slave

Amber applies some make-up because she has a date very soon. Of course with a real man and not a wuss like you! The only thing you are useful for is to be her seating cushion while applying the make-up! With her jeans ass she sits right at your ugly mug and tells you how hot this guy is - and that you are just a stupid cuckold loser!

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