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Last update: 2018-03-12
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You are my human chair

You are my human chair and you have to server me has long i want! I ignore you because you are just a chair while i doing my make up ... you understand this? You are nothing - nothing more then a chair without any rights!

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Rating: 10.00

You are soo ugly!

Yuck! What the hell is this...!? Do you really dare to go out onto the street with such an ugly face!? Your ugly mug should better be barred forever! Bah! It's so unbelievable... I cannot find any words for it! Such an ugly face can be loved only be it's mother! And I'm sure even then it is no true love - it's just a form of compassion and pity! I am so fucking sure that you were always mobbed in the school in the past, weren't you...!? Everybody nagged at you and it continues even today! What do you think you look like...? Such an abnormal, disgusting face is surely an entry worth inside of the Guinness world record's book - for the most ugliest mug on the whole planet!

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Rating: 9.67

Your tiny, useless dick

After a nice date I decide to take you home with me. While I'm undressing myself, I want you to take off your boxers. Why so shy, hm? Look, I've already taken off my shirt... yes, take off your boxers. But wait, what's THAT?! Eww... is there a real penis behind that little wiener? Where's your penis? Do you call that little ... object a "penis"? Haha, you got me, that's a good joke... oh wait, that's your reality and I can't stop laughing about it! Well, I guess you know that this night came to an end because I can't use your little dick for anything. The last thing you could do to satisfy me, is to kiss my ass, loser!

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