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Last update: 2017-11-10
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Key to your ruin

You're not worth it to have a private chat with me. That's why I get bored with speaking to you! But instead, I'm in the mood for teasing you just to let you fall afterwards! Your dick, that's even not worthy of mention, is caught in its chastity device to which only I have the key... every erection becomes a cruel act of pain for you. That's the point - while I'm making fun of you, you'll suffer and this again gives me even more pleasure!

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Rating: 9.50

Your tiny, useless dick

After a nice date I decide to take you home with me. While I'm undressing myself, I want you to take off your boxers. Why so shy, hm? Look, I've already taken off my shirt... yes, take off your boxers. But wait, what's THAT?! Eww... is there a real penis behind that little wiener? Where's your penis? Do you call that little ... object a "penis"? Haha, you got me, that's a good joke... oh wait, that's your reality and I can't stop laughing about it! Well, I guess you know that this night came to an end because I can't use your little dick for anything. The last thing you could do to satisfy me, is to kiss my ass, loser!

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Strict jerk off mistress Jana H

Rating: 9.29

Jerk off instruction by mistress Jana

You want to jerk off for me? Take your pants of, now! And now you’ll spit into your hand and grab your glans firmly. Then add in some slow up and down movements followed by a slap to your balls! And then continue to jerk it slowly ... very slowly! You wanna spurt on my hot ass? Yes? But you’re only allowed to cum after I allowed it, got it?!

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